June 5, 2017

Road Rage

Road Rage is a tabletop card game where players create a unique track and race towards the finish line while sabotaging everyone else. Players of all ages enjoy rapid rounds of racing and fighting for first. The base game is designed for four players, but teams may also play operating the same vehicle. Players can choose to use the street racer with a 2X bonus on highways or the Off-Roader with a 2X bonus for Trails. Racers can give other players flat tires, engine trouble or make them run out of gas while building new track that gives them a better chance of reaching the finish line. If you want you can hold onto a card but be careful as you are only allowed to draw so that you have three of each type of card. Tracks end when someone plays one of the finish line pieces.

Keep watch for upcoming expansions Rocky Mountain and Desert Oasis with four new track types and four new vehicles to choose from!

Created by Adam Barse from Northern NY, Road Rage is the first tabletop game from Lone Wulf Games which usually makes video games.

Buy a copy here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/road-rage4